Federal Work Study is available to US citizens and eligible non-citizens who qualify, based on financial need. The amount of Federal Work Study that each student qualifies for will be listed on the financial aid award letter. The amount is usually enough for about 5 hours of work a week throughout the academic year, from an award of $2,400 per academic year. This may vary according to the hourly pay of the position you choose to apply for, which ranges from $7.25/hour to $15/hour.
Finding a job
MIU offers jobs providing opportunities for growth in areas such as administration, community service, arts, sustainable living, recreation and sports, meditation supervision, information systems, digital media, library, bookstore, student activities, and other academic departments such as music and math. Work-study jobs are based on first come, first served availability and therefore are not guaranteed.

You can find all the FWS job postings in our online HR system, Canopy Workforce Solutions using this link. You can filter FWS positions by typing “WORKSTUDY” in the “Requisition Title” text box, then click on the arrow on the right end side of the box and filter. You can click on each position to see additional details, such as job duties and qualifications. You will need to register before you can apply for a position.

Once you apply for a position, both the supervisor and the HR department will be notified of your application and will follow up with you. The supervisor is supposed to get in touch with you to set up an interview and notify HR of your approval. Once you’re approved, HR will send you an offer. Should you accept the offer, you will then be prompted to fill out the required paper work online through Canopy.

Starting work

​Even though the application process and paper work is done online through Canopy, you are still required to physically meet with HR staff for employment verification purposes. In this meeting you MUST bring your I-9 acceptable documents, you can find out which documents are acceptable here.

Students CANNOT start working until they have submitted their completed paperwork to the Human Resource Office and received approval to start working.

Time sheets

Time sheets are due no later than the first of the next month. Your first timesheet will be paper based and will be given to you by HR staff once you meet with them for the employment eligibility verification.

From the second month on you will clock-in/clock-out using Canopy Workforce Solutions. You can find a tutorial here.

Earnings are paid by the twentieth of the following month.
For students who have a local bank account, the first check will be automatically deposited to their bank. For students who have an out of town bank, they will need to pick up the first check at the payroll office and subsequent checks will be directly deposited to their personal checking or savings account.
Students who do not have a bank account will need to come every month on or after the 20th of the following month to pick up their work-study checks. The payments earned from Federal Work Study are to be used for books, transportation, and personal expenses incurred as a result of your educational studies.
Students must monitor their earnings on a monthly basis to ensure that the total earnings during an academic year do not exceed the amount listed on the financial aid award letter.


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