Additional Points for Audio Visual Presentations

Additional Points for Presentations

  • It’s best to request a rehearsal for any serious event. Please request a full-hour AV test session (a rehearsal) on the day (or just before) before your event. This is absolutely vital for any serious event. During this time, carefully test ALL your equipment: Microphones, Computers, DVDs, CDs, all presentations and anything you will be using. If something is confusing or does not work the way you expect it, point out the issue to you’re a/v support person immediately so it can be resolved.
  • There are many many spotlights available in Dalby, but unless you specifically ask to use them, we will simply use the “recessed lights” that are built into the ceiling tiles. This softer lighting is more than adequate for nearly all events. Also, we don’t typically use spotlights because most, if not all, performers find spotlights uncomfortable or sometimes intolerable. If you really desire to use spotlights, please communicate this well before the event begins to your a/v support person. Please be as specific as possible in exactly the effect you are looking for. Note that the spotlights in Dalby venue are not motorized, and therefore cannot be moved after the event begins.
  • Unless your speakers’ talk with be very short, it’s helpful for all your speakers to have an adequate amount of fresh water available and ready at hand before the event begins. It’s elegant to have a large, beautiful drinking glass near your speakers, but just a simple plastic bottle of water for each speaker should be just fine for most events.

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