Setting Up the Room for Audio Visual Presentation

How to ensure an ideal set (furniture, people and prop placement):

Simply take a few moments to visualize your ideal set. For best results, you can prepare a rough drawing of your ideal set. You can then refer to, and refine this during rehearsals and the actual event.

Note well that your A/V support person will not have enough time to help you move furniture or prepare your set. Therefore, unless you are planning to be totally self-sufficient preparing the set for your event, please contact the Facilities dept. at telephone x1177 or at least two weeks before your event with your specific requests and furniture placement. They have access to a wide variety of furniture, including high and low tables, several different styles of chairs, and lecterns. They can place any item exactly where you want it.

Important note about furniture requests for your event

Having proper furniture exactly where you want is a critical part of preparing for your event.

The A/V Department has no access to any kind of furniture, so we cannot bring, place or move any furniture.

There is often, but not always, a lectern in both Festival hall and in Dalby hall (either on the stage or backstage) that you are welcome to use when preparing your set.

To be sure you have your desired furniture placed exactly where you want for your event, please contact the Facilities department at or telephone 641-472-1177 during office hours. On MIU campus, please call x1177. They can provide different types of chairs, tables and other types of furniture. They can deliver and setup furniture right where you want it. They request one-week’s notice. The more details you can provide for them, the better.


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