Canvas Discovery Login Page

ATTENTION: As of May 15th 2020, MIU started the transition from our Google based email addresses to our new Microsoft Exchange based email addresses. This change in name and platform will require some adjustment to the login process. Users are now redirected automatically to On this page, users will need to select between 3 login methods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All users will need to clear their browser’s cache before logging in from the services page. If clearing the cache does not refresh the browser, please try using an incognito browser or try using another browser. If neither of these steps work, and you are not able to login using the methods below, please contact MIU IT Help Desk to submit a ticket request for assistance.

Option 1 – Google: Select this option if you are still using your email to login to Canvas. This option has been suspended as of 6/9/2022. Please select option 2 to sign in using Microsoft M365 if you previously used option 1.

Option 2 – Microsoft M365: Select this option if you have successfully accessed your new Microsoft portal and are logged in on the browser.

Option 3 – Manual Login: Select this option if you have neither an nor email address or are restricted from using these services such as in the China MBA Program.