Canvas Support

Most problems can be solved by our FAQs. Before submitting a ticket, please be sure to review our solutions to common issues. If your issue is not resolved by viewing these frequently asked questions with solutions, proceed to the ticket submission details at the bottom of the page.

For students, please visit the Online Student FAQs. 


For instructors, login to your account at

(1) Click the drop-down arrow labeled “Teaching Resources.”

(2) Click on “Online Educational Resources.”

(3) In the left navigation panel, click on “Engagement and Retention”

(4) Peruse the faculty FAQs and Support Contacts document.


If you are experiencing a problem with Canvas, please:

1. Report the problem to your Instructor or TA.
2. Log in to Canvas.
3. Click on the Help Icon “?” located on the blue stripe on the left side of the screen and contact Canvas Student

If Canvas misbehaves, tell us about it.
Chat with Canvas Support                                                                                                                                          

Live Chat with Canvas Support!
Canvas Support Hotline
1 (855) 587-0251

If you still cannot get a resolution to your Canvas issue, then by all means submit a Canvas MIU Helpdesk ticket to the IT Dept via Help Desk Portal

The ticket will then be routed to the Canvas Administrator for action.