Benefits for TM

Training in learning the Transcendental Meditation technique is paid for by the University and provided during work hours as part of employees’ onboarding training. This takes place during seven one-hour sessions in the first month of employment. HR and the department head will coordinate the schedule for this training and communicate it to new employees.

Employees will not be monitored on their Transcendental Meditation practice or required to meditate during work hours.

Additionally, MIU offers the following benefits to full-time employees:

  • WPA-Rounding: MIU offers residence courses, including yoga asanas, TM, and discussion of knowledge for free. After their initial two months of employment, FT employees practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique may apply to go on a residence course using their “WPA/Rounding” PTO. Each FT employee is entitled to 40 paid hours, non-cumulative, WPA/Rounding PTO per year. Interns are entitled to 20 paid hours, non-cumulative, WPA/Rounding per year.
  • Sidhi-Course: After working at MIU for six months, FT employees, who practice Transcendental Meditation, making a one-year commitment to continue working at MIU and attending the Dome, may apply to the David Lynch Foundation and the Peace Palace for a scholarship to the CIC.
  • Advanced Techniques: After the first year of employment, employees are eligible for special prices.
  • Checking: Personal checking of the Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless way to verify and assure its correct practice. It is recommended that employees have their meditation checked once a month for the first year and then periodically thereafter. Checking’s are free of charge.
  • Online Enrichment Courses: Extensive library of courses about Consciousness, organic farming, Vedic Architecture, and much more Online Enrichment Courses | Maharishi University (

Please read the Employee Handbook for more information.