Faculty Positions Available

Instructor – Teach undergraduate courses in the Vedic Science Department such
as Physiology and Consciousness; Physiology, Consciousness and the Veda; and
manage the EEG lab and teach EEG, Brain and Enlightenment. Must have a
Masters degree in Vedic Science, Sociology or related field; and be able to work
in active department and participate in campus and community activities.

Associate Professor – – teach undergraduate and graduate courses in physiology
including the following: Advanced Topics in Physiology; Human Physiology and
Pathophysiology 1 & 2; Anatomy and Physiology; as well as other courses
assigned by the department chair. Must have a Master’s degree in Physiology or a
related degree, and be willing to work in an active department.

Contact Rachel Lansky, Office of the Dean of Faculty, Maharishi International
University, 1000 North Fourth Street, Fairfield, IA 52557. 641 472-1161.


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