Federal Work Study (FWS)

Why we offer FWS

  • FOR STUDENTS: To offer a training ground where students can work and gain valuable experience, serving also as a source of financial assistance.
  • FOR MIU DEPARTMENTS: To offer some extra help for departmental projects with an energetic student workforce.


Responsibilities as an FWS Supervisor

Golden rule 1: Supervise.

Under this program, FWS students must be supervised, therefore they can’t work from home and/or work alone. As a supervisor, you need to ensure they are doing the job by being present in the same location.

Golden rule 2: Keep track of the hours they work.

You and the student must keep an eye on the hours they work as they cannot earn more than their financial aid award. If you let them work more than their award, they will be paid out of your department’s budget. HR will not monitor their timecards, as this is the supervisor’s responsibility.

Golden rule 3: Manage their Timecards.

Students must use Asure to clock in and out their hours and the supervisor is responsible for managing their timecard. This means supervisors MUST make edits and approve the timecards on time.

Other things to consider:

  • Students must be registered for classes.
  • FWS cannot work more than 10 hours per week and cannot work when classes are in session (10AM – 3PM).
  • You need to be flexible with their schedule before 10 am and after 3 pm.
  • Set clear job expectations.
  • Communicate with Human Resources if the FWS Student does not follow the guidelines, if you terminate the job or if the student is not showing up to work.
  • FWS students are paid biweekly.

You can find the biweekly pay calendar here: Bi-weekly Pay Periods (miu.edu).


You need to make sure the timecard is completed and correct before you approve it. Therefore, check for missing punches (please see the red “?”in the picture below) and ask your FWS to approve their timecard (lower left corner in the picture below) before you approve it at the end of each pay period.

Why is this important?

The FWS is a federal program that requires compliance, and MIU is legally bound to observe all the rules. Misuse or mismanagement of FWS funds can result in the removal of Federal Aid for the University.

HR keeps track and will notify you if you are not in compliance with the program. There are only 3 chances. After three infractions, your department will be suspended from hiring any FWS students.

  • It is not only your department that will be affected. Failure to comply with these requirements will affect all departments and jeopardize the option of offering this program at the university, which will eventually affect all students.