Student Workers

On-Campus Jobs Available for Students

There are two opportunities for students to work on campus:

  • Do work-study during school semesters
  • Work during winter or summer breaks

MIU Personnel: Submit Work Study Jobs you have Available for Students

Dear MIU Personnel,

Please let us know jobs you have available for Student Work Study by filling out this online form. The HR Department will contact you by email to notify you once the job has been approved and is posted online.

Thank you.

MIU Personnel: Submit Jobs you have Available for Students During Breaks

Welcome Faculty and Staff,

Please complete this online form to let us know the jobs you have available for students during the winter and summer breaks.

Thank you.

Students: About Working During Summer and Winter Breaks

Summer/Winter Break Application form

Students who are currently living on campus and wish to stay on campus over the summer or winter break without taking classes may apply for the Ideal Administrator Temporary Summer/Winter Work Program. This program allows students to work for 18 hours/week in exchange for room and board on campus. Please click here to access the application form.

Special Notes:

  • Not all students may be eligible for a work position. Students who are ineligible will be required to move off campus once classes end for the semester.
  • Students should be willing to fill whatever positions are needed, according to University priorities.
  • The Human Resource Office is responsible for assigning positions and will connect students with departments that have requested temporary help for the summer.
  • Students who are accepted to the summer/winter break work program may be required to change rooms to accommodate special housing needs of the University.
  • Citizen Sidhas and Governors may also apply to attend the Invincible America Assembly however, students will not be eligible to receive the grant during the break.
  • Students who are enrolled in a University program during the break such as Compro or ESL are not required to work in order to stay on campus during the break.

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