The goals of MIU

MIU’s five-year strategic plan focuses on strengthening our academic programs and providing the best services and experiences to our students, while also ensuring financial growth and stability. Our administration and our staff are fundamental to making this happen. We strive to meet our customers’ expectations in all areas of the university — and those customers include not only students but our external and internal customers, such as staff and faculty whose time and attention create value for our students.

Our Sustain-Able-Growth approach enables us to create departmental and individual goals, meeting the needs of MIU’s strategic plan. It creates a structure that fosters accountability, as well as accomplishment.

Below, you find the MIU’s goals and the competencies bringing them alive. Please see the suggestions on How we create goals.

We see the achievement of our goals as the fruits of our work. The Cabinet Committee and the Managers are creating a nourishing soil, an inclusive culture to enable you to reach your full potential. With their consciousness-based leadership, they will water the root. The qualities of Ethics, Integrity, and Inclusivity, as well as Leadership and Initiative, are fueled by our the integration of Pure Consciousness. They create a sturdy trunk. When we live and work in this way, we are innovative, creative collaborators, achieving our goals through compassionate Communication and focused Planning.

Please find a description of our goals and qualities below. Furthermore, you can find more information on consciousness-based leadership and consciousness-based education.

Our Goals

Those goals are condensed out of the Five-year strategic plan (2020) of the cabinet. It is the starting point for the managers to set up goals for their department and then for you and your supervisor to create individual goals to accomplish them. You can find a description for How we create goals.



Our qualities

Below you see the competencies we have created out of the University’s mission, values, and goals. These qualities are the starting point to create an inclusive and welcoming culture in our University.