The President about Sustain-Able-Growth

Maharishi International University was, in so many ways, decades ahead of its time when it was founded in 1971.

In addition to our ground-breaking, transformational approach to education—Consciousness Based Education—MIU is also the most diverse and international college in the entire United States.

We have created a wonderful, harmonious, unified campus atmosphere, in which the development of each and every individual is a central part of our University’s mission. And it is this focus on developing the full potential of every individual that has inspired us to create a new approach to performance management and career development—an approach we call Sustain-Able-Growth.

Through this Sustain-Able-Growth approach, we intend to support our employees in both their professional and personal growth. Maharishi has said that suffering comes from “lack of communication — we are communicating, and the other person is not responding.” Therefore, our approach is based on regular, open-minded communication, communication that is focused on supporting each other on our path to self-development and growth: compassionate communication to create happiness.

A second important aspect of Sustain-Able-Growth is comprehensive planning. While any plan is subject to disruption due to environmental changes, there is value in having specific goals. Planning enables us to set, and to convey, our goals and priorities — and to measure our progress against those goals.

Over the next ten years, we will have to navigate a challenging external environment, along with significant internal changes. Covid and other trends in American higher education are putting significant competitive pressures on small, rural colleges. We have also seen changes in the type of students we attract to our university, and, as our legacy faculty and staff retire, we will see changes in the type of faculty and staff who replace them. Sustain-Able-Growth will support all our employees to navigate through these challenges. Sustain-Able-Growth will also enhance the continuous refinement of our administrative processes and our ability to serve the co-curricular and personal needs of our students. We must excel at meeting our customers’ expectations in all areas of the university.

Let us expand our inclusive culture to help everyone feel welcome and at home. Let us support everyone on their path of development of consciousness. Let us establish a culture of high standards, professional engagement, and innovation. Let us help each other to create wellness and fitness. Let us work together to maintain and create a blooming, inspiring University.

I am excited about the innovations, improvements, and advancements that will come with this new initiative called Sustain-Able-Growth. I hope you are as well!

With my best wishes,

John Hagelin, President