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On Campus Posters

All notices posted on campus bulletin boards require approval by the Student Life Department. This includes business advertising and “for sale” notices, as well as announcements of campus events, or promotional materials of campus organizations.

If you have a notice you would like to post, please take it to the Student Life Department located in the Dreier Building, room 105.

Posters must have a name and means of contact listed such as email or phone number. Once your notice is approved, please be sure to post it only on appropriate bulletin boards. Notices taped to glass doors will be removed.

Size limitations (11×17 or less for Argiro and Dreier lobby; 8.5 x 11 max for personals)


  • It can take up to three (3) business days for posters to get approved. Please plan accordingly.
  • Student Life will approve no more than ten (10) posters for posting on campus.
  • If an event is sponsored by an MIU Department, it must clearly state that at the top of the poster in a larger font. i.e. (Sustainable Living Department presents…)
  • Make sure that the MIU EVENT GUIDELINES have been reviewed for the event the poster is advertising.

Content that won’t be approved:

  • posters that advertise events that feature alcohol, other meditation practices, or people, places or events that are not of a positive,uplifting and beneficial nature to students, faculty and staff.
  • anything that violates equal opportunity policy, we do not hang posters or advertise for events that promote only one gender (such as Global Mother Divine Organization or “ladies only”). If it’s a private event and they are paying rent, then they can restrict it, but we don’t advertise with gender restriction. If the organization would like to promote their event on campus, they should say what the presentation is about without stating it is only for one gender. But if it’s an event with no rent, then it must be open to all.
  • posters that display disrespectful content
  • posters that are at odds with our university’s mission or values
  • posters for fundraising events off-campus that are unrelated to MIU
  • personal fundraising posters (e.g. TTC or CIC) are ok on personal notices boards
  • Advertising should not display or implicate endorsement from MIU
  • Events not sponsored by MIU Student Activities
  • Selling of any products (MIU Bookstore or Golden Dome Market allowed)
  • Personal Ads must be approved and can be placed on the Personals Board in the Student Lounge ONLY

Posters in the Domes

Posters in the Domes are not affiliated with Student Life Department and must go through a separate approval process. For posting in the Domes, please bring your posters to Brad or Sherri at Room 249, Gateridge Building, 10-4, Monday through Friday.

Residence Halls

No materials may be distributed in residence halls or elsewhere on campus without the written approval of the Department of Residential Life. For information, please call Selin Ozbudak at ext. 4804.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Student Life:

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