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On Campus Posters


All notices posted on campus bulletin boards require approval by the Student Life Department. If you have a notice you would like to post, please take it to the Student Life Department located in the Dreier Building, room 105.

Posters must have a name and means of contact listed such as email or phone number. Once your notice is approved, please be sure to post it only on appropriate bulletin boards. Notices taped to glass doors will be removed.

Size limitations – 11×17 or less; 8.5×11 preferred.


NOTE: Posters on campus serve primarily to inform students of upcoming activities, events, courses, or other important information that serves a wide range of student interests. We don’t have personal boards so generally, personal notices (items for sale, GoFundMe requests, etc.) are not allowed.

EXCEPTION: Around the time of a new entry, notices of a room for rent may be allowed for a few weeks since they assist students who wish to live off-campus. Other exceptions may be considered on an individual basis.


Ideally, on-campus events (lectures, meetings) should be sponsored by an academic department or student club and that should be displayed on the poster. In other cases, the event/speaker will need to be approved and a fee may be required for use of the room.


Content that won’t be approved:

· posters that advertise events that feature alcohol, other meditation practices, or anything that is not of a positive, uplifting, and beneficial nature to students, faculty, and staff.

· anything that violates equal opportunity policy, such as events that restrict participation by gender, race, religion, etc.

· posters that promote a political candidate or cause, except in certain cases to announce without endorsement when a candidate will be speaking (location, date, time).

· posters that display disrespectful content

· posters that are at odds with our university’s mission or values

· posters for fundraising events off-campus that are unrelated to MIU

· personal fundraising posters except in cases where the course is sponsored by MIU (such as CIC or TTC) and then, only for a short period of time.


Posters in the Residence Halls

No materials may be posted or distributed in the residence halls without approval of the Office of Residential Life, room 119 in the Argiro Student Lounge.


Posters in the Domes

Posters in the Domes are not affiliated with the Student Life Department and must go through a separate approval process. For posting in the Domes, please take your posters to the Invincible America Course Office in the Gateridge Building.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Student Life:


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