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Cowhig Family Aquatic Center is closed for the 2019 season!

Open Swim / Lap Swim:
Monday – Sunday: – 2pm – 8pm

General Information

  • Open:  June – September, Labor Day weekend.
  • Superior water sanitizing and filtration system
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Our Location
105 Zimmerman Blvd
Fairfield, IA 52556

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Payment Options

We accept cash, check, credit card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover) and debit cards for membership types as well as contactless payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay).

There is no admission charge for MIU students provided they bring a valid ID card.

Pool Closures

The Aquatics Supervisor or Manager may close the pools under the following conditions:

  • An electrical storm
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Air temperature drops below 67 degrees
  • Attendance drops below 20 guests or severely reduced
  • Mechanical difficulties and pool maintenance

Inclement Weather Guidelines

Opening and closing is subject to current weather conditions, including cold weather, electrical storms, strong winds and heavy rains.

  • We will close if the air temperature drops below 67 degrees.
  • If a guard while on duty should spot bad weather or lightening, he/she will blow their whistle, three short blasts and wait for a Supervisor or Manager.
  • If lightening and/or thunder is in the area the Aquatics Manager will evaluate the forecasted weather conditions and make the decision as to whether we will stay open or be closed.

Low Attendance

The pool may be closed at any time if attendance drops below 20 guests. Discretion will be left to the Supervisor / Manager on duty. (This will not apply if there are children in attendance for swim lessons).

Fecal Incidents

In the event of fecal contamination, the pool will be evacuated for at least 30 minutes, during which time the Pool Manager will direct the proper procedures for sanitizing the pool according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Aquatic Maintenance

The pool will be closed when there are unsafe conditions or anytime a situation arises that would jeopardize the public health or safety of the people in attendance. This decision will be made by the Aquatics Manager.

Delayed Opening & Early Closing Procedures

The pool will be closed for public swimming if the air temperature is below 67 degrees, or at the manager’s discretion based on inclement weather, low attendance, or unusual circumstances.

Please Note

The Cowhig Family Aquatic Centerl reserves the right to close due to low attendance/poor weather conditions.


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