Charges for University Events

These prices apply to official university events. You will be billed for all a/v items you request, even if they do not actually get used during your event.

Item rental - per day
Wired microphone with stand, each (3 available) (includes cable)$9
Wireless handheld microphone with stand, each (2 available)$12
Lavalier wireless lapel microphone, each (2 available)$14
Mixer and Amp (required for most events)$34
Stage audio monitors (in Dalby hall only)n/c
19" stage video monitor, each (2 available)
Speaker phone$17
5' x 5' or 6' x 6' projection screen on a tripod base$12
LCD projector$20
DVD player$17
"Anchor" Portable PA system$40
"Roving Rostrum" Portable PA system$20

Managed Items rental — per day
(Note: These items are managed by the a/v technicians)
Computer in control booth - used to manage computer-base presentations$59
DVD player in control booth - used to play DVDs$17
CD player in control booth - used to play CDs$15
VCR in control booth - used to play VHS tapes or tape library materials$17
Sony wall-mounted cameras and Catel video modulator -
used to video tape the event via feed to tape librarian
Catel audio modulator - used to tape the event via audio feed to the Tape Librarian$67
TELOS telephone hybrid device - used to manage conference calls$42
Polycom VSX7000 video conference device - used to manage video conferences$84
Streaming Video Computer - used to manage streaming video$100

Included Services
Manage the ceiling-mounted projector, hall lighting and spotlightsn/c
Assist users to prepare for their computer presentation on the stagen/c
Manage sound using mixer and ampsn/c

Labor Charges
Mon–Fri / 10:30 am–4:30 pmBase rate—$12/hr
Mon–Fri / 4:30 pm–10:00 pmTime and a half—$18/hr
Mon–Fri / 10:00 pm–10:30 amDouble time—$24
Weekend / 10:30 am–4:00 pmTime and a half—$18/hr
Weekend / 4:30 pm–10:00 pmTime and a half—$18/hr
Weekend / 10:00 pm–10:30 amDouble time—$24
Holidays anytime
Double time—$24

Base labor charge for official university events is $12 per hour. The table shows labor rates by service day and times (this is NOT related to overtime in any way).

Labor fees are payable to the actual technicians, not to MIU. A 2-hour minimum will be applied for all labor services.


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