Will my event be charged for audio visual services?

For the purposes of A/V billing there are two categories of events


Examples of “Bonafide University events” are:

  • Required classroom events authorized by the current instructor
  • President’s office events
  • Required Staff or Faculty meetings, Visitor’s Weekend events
  • Degree defense or dissertation events
  • Events which have previous authorization from the Student Activities dept.
  • Events which have special authorization from the Chief Administrative Officer

Bonafide University events that do not have an admission fee of any kind will not be charged for using MIU AV equipment, but may be charged for labor, depending on the decision of the finance board.

Bonafide University events that have an admission fee of any kind, will be charged as follows:

  • If you are giving 50% or more of the proceeds to MIU, there is no charge for using MIU A/V equipment, but you will be charged for any labor.
  • If you are not giving 50% of the proceeds to MIU, you will be charged according to the AV price schedule for bonafide university events


“Non-University events” are events such as:

  • Seminars
  • Parties (including birthday parties)
  • Memorials
  • Non-University Concerts
  • Social events

All “non-University events” will be charged according to the AV price schedule for non-university events.


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