Integrative Wellness Center

Services Provided by Campus Nurse

  • First aid and initial screening of health concerns for current MIU Students, Staff and Faculty.
  • Referral to area health care providers.
  • Basic First Aide for simple cuts, bruises, colds, and tummy ache
  • Beyond basic First Aide concerns – assess and refer to appropriate local health care practitioners
  • Follow-up inquiry and care per health care practitioner instructions
  • Promoting wellness through health prevention bulletins in the Student Life Newsletter
  • Promoting healthy eating and diets
  • TB screening for International Students

Contact Nurse, Vina Miller

  • Hours: 9:30 to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Office location: Ladies’ Peace Palace, 1080 North 4th, Fairfield
  • Phone number: 641-472-7000 x3411
  • Campus extension: 3411 or 3406
  • Email:

Students can also call a health care provider by themselves.

For resources, see the Student Health Care Handbook which includes information about:

  • Services offered at the Integrative Wellness Center on campus
  • What to do in an emergency
  • International students’ insurance information
  • Medical facilities and pharmacies in Fairfield
  • Transportation services for appointments off campus
  • Medical Specialties in the area
  • Pregnancy care
  • Crisis services
  • Health Related Links and Websites

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