Housing Violation Charges

Housing Charges

To maintain buildings, promote campus safety, and in consideration of future residents, the Housing Office & Residence Life Department conduct periodic housing inspections. In the event of missing items or damage to rooms, the following fees help to defray the cost of replacement and/or repair of missing or damaged items set forth and cover any violations of Campus Safety policies.

Basic Violations
Basic Uncleaned Room$50.00
Room Packing Fee (per hour)$40.00
Unauthorized Room Use (per day)
Unauthorized Key Use/Key Not Returned/Lost Keys$75.00
Unauthorized or Missing Door Card$25.00
Replace Mattress$200.00
Replace Bed Frame$300.00
Replace Dresser$300.00
Replace Desk$200.00
Replace Chair$100.00
Replace Bookshelf$75.00
Replace Recycle/Trash Bin$25.00
Room change$50.00
Pet Violation (+ $10 per day)$50.00
Failure to submit Housing Departure Form (after move-out)$100.00
Abandoned Property Temporary Storage$50.00

Other Charges
Authorized use of room during vacation (per week)
Failure to Submit Arrival/Departure Form to RA (after move-in)
Improper use of facilitiesTBD
Group/Hall Charges (if no one accepts responsibility for a violation)
Missing door card/sticker
Window open during heating/cooling season $50.00

Excessive Maintenance
Replace Screen$50.00
Other (or excessive instances of above items)TBD
Clogged drain caused by food down drain$25.00

Excessive Cleaning
Excessive Cleaning$150.00
Carpet Shampoo$150.00
Replace Carpet
Replace Tile$300.00

Fire Safety
Disabling Fire Safety Doors$200.00
Tampering w/Fire Safety and Life Safety Equipment$50 + repairs TBD
Cooking Equipment (per item)
Cooking in Room$50.00
Excessive/Unsafe Electric Use$50.00
Smoking on Campus$50.00
Room Restoration Fee (if smoking or cooking inside room)
Hallway obstruction (fire safety violation)
Burning any substances$50.00


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