Hire Steps

Please read each step carefully:

Arrival Information

Here are important action steps to be completed and information for you to know to help make your arrival to the MIU campus as smooth and easy as possible.

Arrival Action Steps:

  • Please contact the Dean of Faculty office with your Arrival/Departure date/time and housing plans.
    email: dof@miu.edu | tel/fax: 641-472-1161
  • If you are staying on campus please visit the Housing Department upon your arrival to pick up your door card and room keys. Their office is located in the basement of the Argiro Student Center, business hours Monday-Friday 12:30 pm-3:45 pm.
  • If you are arriving outside these business hours you must call Campus Security and they will let you into your room with your door card and room keys.
    Security Officer on duty 24 hours: 641-472-1115

If someone from your department has already contacted you regarding your housing assignment and/or has your door card and keys for you, then please email us and let us know this information: dof@miu.edu

Here is some general information to help you upon arrival:

MIU Campus Map

Please see this link for an MIU campus map to help orient you as you arrive. The Dean of Faculty office, located in the Dreier building is shown on the map as #5 indicated in red.

Campus Emergencies

Call Campus Security, 24 hours a day, at 641-472-1115 from a cell phone or x1115 from any campus phone.

Public Internet Access

  • MIU provides free Wifi in the Student Lounge of the Argiro Student Center.
  • Computers are available in the basement of Argiro Student Center.
  • Computers with printers are available at the MIU Library located west of Hwy 1
  • The Argiro Student Center is shown on the campus map as #1 indicated in red
  • The MIU Library is shown on the campus map as #12 indicated in red.


Meals are served in the Argiro Student Center at the following hours:
Breakfast 9:00am – 10:00am, Lunch 11:45am – 1:30pm, Dinner 6:30pm – 8:00pm

How to place a call from a campus phone

On campus call: dial the four digit on campus extension, or dial ‘0’ for the operator.
To get an outside line dial 9 first, then the local number.


Please reference your Offer Letter to see the benefits you will receive. During our Entrance Meeting you will receive your meal ticket.

Hiring Paperwork

Our next step is to complete paperwork for your hire. When you have arrived to campus, please contact Madusha Perera for an Entrance Meeting. Appointments are generally available Monday – Friday 10:30-12:00 and 2:30-4:00. We are located in the Dreier Building, 2nd floor, room 232, Dean of Faculty Office.

Payroll & Hire

Please read carefully as there are two different payment situations:

If you will be teaching more than one course this year you will be added to payroll and receive an automatic deposit payment.

Please complete these forms. I will also have them here in the office if that is more convenient.

If you are only teaching one course for the whole year, you will be paid through Accounting. In this case, please send us a completed W9 Form. The address which you include on this form is where your check will be sent.

How to be paid

At the end of the month of your course, please send an invoice to dof@miu.edu
Here is an Invoice Template.

Invoices are due the last day of the month for timely pay. If you taught in February, we need your invoice no later than Feb 28th and you will be paid March 15th. If it is turned in later than the last day of the month your payment will be made in the next billing cycle, April 15th.


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