IT Dept Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision of the IT Field

  • The Cosmic Computer computes and the Cosmic Network communicates total knowledge to every point in the universe – instantly and effortlessly.
  • Mankind has developed Computers, Networks, and Software to emulate these features of Natural Law — allowing individuals to create, organize, and communicate information quickly.
  • The goal of this is for every person to experience the Unified Field as the Self and engage the functioning of Natural Law for his own and society’s fulfillment.

Mission of the IT Department

The mission of the MIU IT department is to promote and support the university’s effective use of Information Technology. It recommends, implements, and maintains Information Technologies furthering goals of the University. Its customers are students, faculty, administrators, staff, and other campus residents.

Values of the IT Department

  • Its goals are well-aligned with the objectives of the university
  • It provides excellent levels of service:
    • Support Services are: effective, timely, and courteous, and
    • Infrastructure Services: have high-availability, excellent performance, and tight security
  • It implements high quality information systems, whose one-time costs are commensurate with their benefits.
  • The information systems provide benefits which:
    • Increase the number of new students and retention of existing students,
    • Increase the university’s income,
    • Enable more efficient operations, and / or reduce staff,
    • Deliver excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff, or other constituents, and
    • Generate accurate and timely management information for effective decision making.
  • The department strives for continuous improvement using Lean methodology
  • There is a core of skilled, long-term IT career professionals committed to serving the University
  • The IT department, itself, sets a good example in the effective use of Information Technology.
  • IT Staff are well-rested and growing in their level of consciousness with excellent participation in the Super-radiance Program.

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