Computer Labs and Clusters

Computers for general use are located in the campus Library and the Argiro Student Center:

Argiro Computer Lab:

  • There are six general purpose computers in the basement of the Argiro Student Center as well as three jacks into which one can plug his or her laptop computer for Internet access.
  • There are both wireless and wired connections in the Student Lounge which can be used.

Library Computers:

The Library maintains computer workstations and labs for general use and Internet access in the Library.

  • There are several public access computers available, and many ethernet ports into which one can plug a laptop computer for Internet access.
  • There is a Macintosh Lab torward the North end of the Library
  • There is a Writing Lab with 5 computers in the reference room of the Library

Library Hours: (when classes are in session)OpenClose
Monday – Friday9:00 am9:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am4:00 pm
Sunday7:15 pm9:00 pm

Academic Department Computer Labs

Access is limited to students taking classes in these departments, or by special permission of the department:

  • Managemenet in Argiro Basement and GateRidge
  • Math — Macintosh Lab in Library
  • Media / Art Lab in the Art Center
  • Computer Science — Mclaughlin Building
  • ESL in the Library Basement

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