Mailroom Alerts

Package Notification

The Mailroom receives packages from the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, DHL, and other couriers as well. When a small package arrives, it is put into the mailbox. When the package is too large to fit into the mailbox, then a package slip, a colored slip of paper, is put into mailbox. The package slip should be brought immediately to the Mailroom counter in order to claim the package. It is not good to wait to make package claims as the Mailroom has limited storage space. The package slip will have the recipient’s name, MR#, and the package code. Give the package slip to the Mailroom staff person for retrieval. The recipient will need to sign for the package and put that day’s date.

The package slips are:

  • Red — USPS
  • Green — Accountables–items requiring higher security, including FedEx, DHL.
  • Blue — UPS

If you do not have your package slip, then you must provide a University ID with a name that matches the addressee of the package. If you want someone else to pick up your package for you, then give them your package slip. Without a package slip or a proper ID matching the name on the package, it will not be possible to get the package. This is done for security reasons.

Mailbox Full

When your mailbox is full then the contents are removed, a rubber band is put around it, and it is put into a hold box. The mailbox holder is then emailed and told to pick up the mail. Sometimes the recipient is no longer a student. In that case, the student must let the Mailroom know the forwarding address for all mail. If the student does respond within two weeks the mail will be returned to sender.


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