Package Guidelines

Before you bring your package to the Mailroom, it must be properly packed, addressed, and ready for shipping.

Incoming mail and packages to you should be addressed as follows:

Your name
Your mailbox number — MR# xxxx
Maharishi International University
1000 North 4th Street
Fairfield, IA 52556
U.S.A. (If outside the USA)

Do not use “P.O. Box” or even the word “box” in your address. If you do, your mail will be sent to the Fairfield Post Office and may be delayed in reaching you.

When you have questions about mail or packages, please email the Mailroom the following four pieces of information:

  1. The delivery company (UPS, FedEx Express, USPS, FedEx Ground, DHL, etc.)
  2. Tracking #
  3. The name of the MIU person who signed for the package.
  4. The date that the MIU staff signed for the package.

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