Recreation Center Equipment

Rental Fees

Equipment Rental Policies

  • You must have a valid photo ID/Student ID to check out equipment.
  • Equipment is free of charge to MIU students, staff, faculty and their dependents. If kept overnight, the day rates apply.
  • You may check out only enough equipment to play the sport in which you are participating.
  • Any equipment checked out becomes your responsibility and must be returned by you.
  • Any damage incurred beyond normal wear and tear (e.g., bent or broken rackets) will be assessed a replacement fee. Damage is assessed upon the return of the equipment to the MIU Recreation Center.
  • All equipment checked out or rented on a daily basis must be returned 30 minutes before closing time.
  • All late, lost or damaged equipment is subject to a fine.


Item Adults / Alumni Deposits / Check
Canoes: Includes Life Jackets & Paddles Half Day $5
Full Day $10
Week $50
Two Lifejackets & Two Paddles One Week $20
Two Weeks $40
Life Jacket Day $2 $5
Canoe Paddles
Kayak Paddle
Day $2
Day $3
Kayak Half Day $6
Day $12
Week $65
Tennis Racket – outdoor use
Includes tennis balls
Day $5
Red Snow Tube Day $10 $50
Cross Country Skis, Poles & Boots Hour $3
Day $7
Weekend $10
Tennis Ball Machine Hour $4 Does Not Leave Building!
Volleyball Net & Ball Day $4 $10
MIU Bicycle Hour $2
Day $5