Staff Satisfaction Survey

How are we as a University aligned with our Mission, Vision, and Core Values?

This survey provides data to get an overview of the opinions of our staff, as well as suggestions for improvement.

The questions were built on the mission of the University, “To develop the full potential of the individual.”, and “At Maharishi International University, we recognize that everyone has an infinite field of creativity, intelligence, and happiness within. Our mission is to help students awaken this field in their everyday experience, enriching all aspects of their lives.” For this purpose, we expanded the concept of students to all our employees.

We also wanted to understand with this first version if all the demographic groups respond to this kind of survey.

The results will be used to identify practices that engage employees and help us build a productive work environment. We will be also able to identify problems that disengage employees, decline customer satisfaction, and derail overall performance.

Here, you can find the report of our 2021/2022 survey: