Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Policies

Maharishi International University prohibits cooking of any kind in student rooms.  The university has implemented and maintains a no smoking policy throughout the campus (as also required by Iowa law) and does not permit the burning of candles, sage, or any open flames in the residence hall rooms or any of the common spaces. The University does not allow any electronic cooking devices in the rooms of student housing facilities except for electronic kettles.

Fire Safety Precautions

  • Use appropriate holders for incense.
  • When you leave the room, extinguish any burning materials and turn off lights and electrical appliances (especially irons).
  • Extension cords may not be used as permanent wiring.
  • One possible cause of fires on campus is the use of massage oil. Always use extreme caution when storing towels or other linens that have absorbed oil. Never machine oily towels at the hot setting; this often causes the towels to heat up and catch fire. Remove clothes from dryer immediately when dry.
  • Familiarize yourself with your room and building; be familiar with all principal and alternate exits from your building, as well as the main routes to all exits. Locate and memorize your building’s “Designated Assembly Area” (posted with fire exit diagrams).
  • Observe all posted regulations and policies.
  • Keep room entries, fire exits, and hallways free of potential obstructions, such as boxes, bicycles, and mattresses.
  • Take fire drills seriously. They are exercises to promote a safe, smooth, rapid departure from your building according to the fire escape plan.
  • Smoke detectors and their batteries are required in every dorm room and must not be tampered with or damaged. Failure to comply with this State regulation will result in the offender paying for the damaged material, and possibly fines imposed by the State for tampering with life safety devices. If a smoke detector is malfunctioning, for example, the alarm goes off due to a low battery, please contact facilities management (ext.1177) who will come and change the battery, (after hours please contact campus security ext.1115).
  • Students will be held financially responsible for any damage to University property due to negligence on their part.

What to Do in the Event of a Fire

  • Close your windows and doors and go quickly to the nearest exit.
  • At the exit, pull the faceplate on the red pull station to sound the alarm.
  • Once outside, go to the nearest building to call the Fire Department (911) and Campus Security (641-472-1115 or 641-472-7000 ext. 1115).
  • Do not go back inside your building until there is an official All Clear.
  • Never assume that you’re hearing a false alarm.
  • Always leave the building when the alarm sounds

Very Important: At no time should the closing of windows and doors or the activation of the fire alarm delay the exit from the building.

Reporting Fire

According to federal law, Maharishi International University is required to annually disclose statistical data on fires that occur in on-campus student housing facilities.  To report fires that have already been extinguished in on-campus student housing (if you are unsure whether the Security and Safety Office is already aware of such a fire), please call the Director of Security at the following number: 641-233-8594

If you find evidence of such a fire or if you hear about such a fire, please call the number above.  Please provide as much information as possible about the location, date, time, and cause of the fire.

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