Missing Person Policy for Students Living On Campus

Emergency Contact Notification Procedure for Missing Students

  • When a student is reported by anyone to Campus Security that the student cannot be located and there is concern for the well-being of the student, this student is immediately treated as a “missing person”.
  • 24 hours after the student becomes a missing person,
    • Campus Security will forward Missing Person Report to law enforcement.
    • Student Life Department will notify
      • the student’s designated contact person, or
      • the student’s parent or guardian, if the student is unemancipated under the age of 18.

Required Notifications

At initial on-campus registration, the Enrollment Center will require students to fill out a Personal Information Form, on which students will be advised that the following applies to all on-campus students:

  • They have the option to identify a confidential contact person that MIU would contact 24 hours after the student is reported missing and provide confidential contact information for that person.
  • For any student under the age of 18 who is not emancipated, the school is required to notify a parent or guardian 24 hours after the student is reported missing.
  • MIU is required to notify law enforcement 24 hours after the student becomes a “missing person.”


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