In Case of Violence

Violence is any act of aggression where force is directed toward oneself or others — or a verbal threat of violence which, if carried out, would result in injury or fear. Violence is defined as an unconsented touching of another that results in physical or mental harm. This includes unwanted sexual contact.

Warning Signs

You may be able to prevent or avoid violence by knowing its warning signs. Imminent warning signs include:

  • Physical aggression
  • Severe destruction of property
  • Rage for minor reasons
  • Detailed threats of lethal violence
  • Possession and/or use of firearms/weapons
  • Self-injurious behaviors or threats of suicide

What to Do

If violence is occurring or threatened: call 911 immediately and then call Campus Security at 641-472-1115 or ext. 1115.

“University Policy”

The health and safety of our campus community are of utmost importance to our university. Therefore, violence, threats of violence, and possession of a weapon, concealed or otherwise, are prohibited on campus and at any MIU function, activity, or event off-campus.


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